The Prince`s Hand

Requiem for Rome

MIcheal Tower and Maverick have sent a team out to investigate a body that was reported to be staked and in a church in Italy. The team arrives and finds the body in the catacombs but they are detained by the Swiss guard after an alarm is tripped. after a quick witted explanation from the priest the party is released and escorted out of the church. The party then snuck back inside and began examining the body, they decided to unstake the man and wake him up and as they did so the entire team was transported back to ancient Rome. Unbeknownst to the team another couple happen to be within the area of effect for the time travel spell and they were also sent back to Rome. The team rendezvous with the man who they unstaked and he explained that they had gone back to the year 476 and a war was brewing between the camarilla and the sabatt. the team was given a choice on who to support and they choose the sabatt and were then lead out of the city of Rome to the sabatt encampment. there they met with the other couple who had been transported with them and Silas Guilte. Silas is the leader of the tactical defense and strategy division of the sabatt army and he makes the party members into generals. Silas then gives them a mission to kill the Augurs. The Augurs are mystics who can foretell the future, the party decides the best way to beat this is to cause mass hysteria and strike in the middle of the calamity. The party succeeds in finding the Augurs and they launch a surprise attack, but it was a decoy and the plan fell apart. The party decided to head on attack the palace of the Augurs and ended up facing 5 mages. After a very close battle the mages were defeated and the party decided to head back to the camp. Rather suddenly they awoke to find themselves chained to beds in a dark room. After freeing themselves they then wandered around the area they were in until they discovered it was ceasers palace. They discovered a secret passageway that lead them to the throne room and from there they entered into the antechamber of the Emperor`s office. inside this room was a man who was slightly shadowy and he gave the priest a ring and showed him a vision of great importance, the assassin then received a vision of Hitler and then the man was gone. the party left the palace and headed for the sabatt encampment. Upon arrival they found the sabatt stronghold completely destroyed and charred. after investigating they find a note with directions to a map and some cryptic writing on the wall of a burned out house. “Fire cleanses all under God” they then tracked Silas`s sent to a small house inside Rome and after carefully diving through a window and then checking to see if the door was unlocked (it was) they were able to solve the puzzle to open the secret staircase. once down the stairs the magnanimously moronic mage created a sonic boom that blew out everybody’s ear drums and made them fall to the ground in pain. After waiting for their hearing to return (Vampires Remember) Silas tells them the results of their encounter. ! Augur dead and Rome on high alert, also your all the top most wanted criminals in Rome. Silas informs them of the attack on the compound and the loss they took by losing the first attack. He gives them a mission that is both suicidal and vital to the war effort. the party must get into the necropolis and break into the Senex treasury to steal a magical bowl that turns mage blood into mage fire and then bring that bowl and a mage to the fonz ater. then they must drain the mages blood (ALL OF IT!!) into the bowl and run away. the mage left the room before hearing the last part and caught the attention of the guards patrolling the street. He attacked the guards and sent some of them flying into the room with the other party members and a large battle ensued. after defeating the soldiers they finish explaining the plan to the mage and fearing that they meant his blood he left and defected to the Camarilla. Upon meeting the Senex he divulged everything he knew about the party and the sabatt as well as they`re plans. Senex then makes the Mage a general in his army and has him assist in developing war plans. the party has decided to head towards the Necropolis to start the mission. The party is en route to the necropolis when they are stopped by a message urging them to head to a set of coordinates. Upon reaching the coordinates they are met by Silas who tells them of the Camarillo’s discovery of time magic and of the convoy of future weapons on its way to Rome. The party ’ayes a trap and it springs beautifully, catching the enemy soldiers off guard the players execute a series of attacks that devastate the number of enemies and the carts vanish into the ground. The party tracked the route of the cart back to the village it came from and find a fully functioning munitions factory. The party the destroyed the factory with help and secured a few weapons and some ammo. They then traveled to a clearing and met bobby and they began the trip back to the necropolis to ignite the signal flare. As they left the clearing they were surrounded and attacked by a group of larvae and after a harrowing battle they were all knocked unconscious. The party awoke to the sound of a roaring crowd and found themselves shackled in a wooden holding cell, after a few minutes a booming voice announced to the crowd the names of the gladiators in the ring and then they were pushed forward towards the exit gate. As they reached the gate they were shown a weapons rack against the wall. The party picked weapons that suited them and they were pushed out into 4 separate pits, each with a separate gladiator awaiting them. In the stands a sabot sympathizer stood searching the pits for the party members and upon locating them he watched their progress, ready to jump in and protect them. In the pits a gladiator also was looking for the party members to help them escape. After a short round of gruesome slaughter the gladiators sliced their way through a vast majority of the cowering slaves that they were dealing with and began attacking the party members. The sat sympathizer jumped out of the stands and began attacking one of the gladiators as the sabot gladiator claimed the party members in his pit as his slaves to protect them., as the fight grew to a close all the party members and the sabot sympathizer exited the arena victorious. After exchanging greetings the newly formed party entered the necropolis and secured the bowl and a mage and entered the fonz ater. After sacrificing the mage and running away the signal fire lit and the fond aster was consumed in a massive explosion that rocked all of Rome and which sent a blazing ball of fire into the sky. After escaping the necropolis the party heard war horns in the distance and began running towards them. Along the way a member of the party was tricked into believing that he is a demon and that he must consume the souls of his enemies to stay alive,



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